Dowlatabad Garden

Dowlatabad Garden located in Yazd, central Iran, is a Persian architecture jewels in The heat is blistering in the south, on the edge of the Great Desert. High chimneys acting as air-vents bring some comfort to these dwellings.This is a complex built according to the original Iranian architectural style and consists of a large garden and some buildings.

Mohammad Taghi Khan known as the Great Khan  excavate a qanat named Dowlatabad, later on He commenced constructing the estate of Dowlatabad Garden as his residence along the water extending from the qanat. The magnificent estate abounds with a vestibule, a soaring wind catcher, a veranda covered with mirror, and the splendid façade.

Looking at the garden and the main entrance of the garden, you will see the long pool in the shade of the tall cypress trees leading to the main entrance. On the way to the mansion, there are beautiful grapes and pomegranates trees behind those tall trees.

Before you see the garden or even the walls of the house, from hundreds of meters away and some streets away from that spot, you can see the tallest wind catcher of the mansion inside the garden.This traditional air-conditioning system of local houses around the desert in Iran is the essential elements at the residential structures. However, the exaggerated grand size of this wind catcher functioned perfectly well.

The building has got a large stain-glass window that could be pushed up and down to have the air in. At the central section of the building there is a small pool which adds some humidity to the dry air of this house in the heart of desert, in Yazd. It looks like a central open air section where you can see the windows of the upper floor and corridors leading to the exterior corners of the house. It is at these corners that you can find the staircases leading to upstairs.

The Persian garden was registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and Dowlatabad is also registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as one of the masterpieces of traditional gardens.


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