Khuzestan Province is of special economic importance and is considered one of the important industrial poles of the country. The province is rich in tourism and investment values due to its oil and gas reserves, abundant water and suitable soil, and access to open water networks.

Khuzestan is basically a desert area which has warm climate. Its’ capital city is Ahwaz and is known as the most historical province of Iran where evidences of the oldest dynasties have been found. The most ancient cities lie within this province which is worth a big time in a tour itinerary, such as; Ahwaz, Shushtar, Masjed Soleyman, Shush, Dezful, Abadan and Mahshahr.

Due to the diversity of ethnicity and its adjacency with some countries, Khuzestan has always had great potential for souvenirs and all kinds of food. The handicraft of Khuzestan province was specially known as textiles and silk weaving industry in the past. Other handicrafts of Khuzestan province include carpets, embroidery, Jajim and Kilim, mats, night tent, wool knitting, chogha and gabbeh weaving which are mostly woven by Bakhtiari and Arab nomads. Dates is one of the delicious souvenirs of this Province which has many features and different types. Dates are used in so many local foods you shouldn’t miss. Among the souvenirs in Khuzestan, the spices perhaps, attracts more attention.

Khuzestan boasts some of the most ancient and beautiful landscapes attracting the tourists such as; Karun River, Shushter water system, Susa city, Ziggurat choghazanbil, Shevi waterfall, Haft tepe, and Danial Nabi Shrine.


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