Hasht Behesht palace

Hasht Behesht , meaning “Eight Heavens” is a Safavid era palace in Isfahan .   The Hasht Behesht palace was built in the centre of Baghe Bolbol (The Nightingale Garden) dates back to 1660. The palace is the most important building which was built during Shah Suleiman Safavid time. The palace experienced new styles of stucco work and stained glass and mirror works .   Hasht Behesht was renovated by Fathali Shah Qajar in the 19th century. It was used as residential palace by Zele Sultan (Fathali Shah’s son).


Chahar Taghi is a type of Sassanid and pre – Islamic architecture, but the style was beautifully developed and enlarged at the time of Safavid dynasty. The structure has octagonal shape and this kind of shape can be seen in various part of it. It is two storey palaces which have been seriously damaged.

The original palace was decorated with beautiful gilded mosaics, mirror work, plaster work, and various kinds of floral paintings on plaster. Especially ceiling of the palace was ornamented with variety of plastered pendent decorations. .  Tile work of the building representing different kinds of birds, wild animals and reptiles which are the remnants of this palace, can be noted.

Hasht Behesht is a unique garden pavilion. Today the palace’s garden is converted into a public park Today, However, the historical palace is still a valuable and interesting monument .

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