One of the eastern cities of Iran and the capital of the southern Khorasan province is Birjand, a very old city with diverse and spectacular touristic attractions. Birjand is the first city in Iran with an organization of water supply and Birjand water pipe company is known as the first Iranian water supply company.

Birjand, is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most historic cities in Iran. And aside from its beautiful history, it also has beautiful handicrafts such as; Pottery, Jajim, Woodturning, and delicious food; such as Jujube, Saffron and Barberry.

Birjand has a semi-desert climate, which means cold winters and hot and dry summers. The people of this city speak Birjandi dialect. They have long been through the art of friendship and passion for music. And handicrafts are one of the sources of income embraced by the people.

The city is full of historic monuments, including the historic building that was registered at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Akbarieh Historical Garden and other spots worth a visit such as Kolah Farangi Citadel, Fourteen Falls, Band-e Dareh Dam, Birjand Castle, Baharestan Citadel, and Rahim Abad Historical Garden.

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