One of the beautiful and spectacular cities of East Azarbaijan is Jolfa. It is located to the north of Tabriz, separated by the Aras River from its northern neighbor and namesake.

The original Jolfa was once a major Armenian settlement famous for its skilled artisans. They were so skilled, in fact, that in 1604 Shah Abbas kidnapped the entire population, whisking them off to build him a new capital at Isfahan, where their descendants still live.

The overall climate is semi-arid and cold. The residents are Azerbaijani and speak Azerbaijani Turkish with their local dialect. The job of most residents of this city is agriculture and animal husbandry. Of course, the centrality and administrative nature of Jolfa and the existence of various public and private departments caused some residents to be involved in them.

The city is known as an important and independent city for attracting tourists to shopping malls and has great attractions. Jolfa has many historical attractions. There’s little to see in town, but it makes a good budget base for visiting the Church of St Stephanos, exploring the sublime Aras River Valley, or crossing into Armenia or the enclave of Nakhchivan. The Khajeh Nazar Caravansaray, the Namaz Khaneh Choopan, and the Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall is also worth a visit.

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