Kashan (Isfahan)is one of the most important cities of Isfahan Province, located 1600 meters above sea level, 240 kilometers south of Tehran and 220 kilometers north of Isfahan. This beautiful, large city is located on the road of Kashan-Qom and on the western edge of the desert. In terms of climatic zoning, Kashan is located in a zone with relatively cold winters and very hot and dry summers.

This city, with its 7,000-year history, is considered to be the most important archaeological site. Most historians and travelers visiting this city named it “the gateway to global civilization”. This city reached its peak after the rise of Islam in Iran during the Seljuk and Safavid periods.

During the Seljuk period (AD 1051–1220) Kashan became famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles, reaching high levels of accomplishment in each of these cottage industries. Currently local textile artisans are enjoying something of a renaissance of interest in their work, but mechanization has largely led to the demise of this ancient craft. Today the town is more widely known as a major center for the production of rose water, which is sold at outlets around the main tourist attractions and at dedicated stores in the bazaar.

After world known Iranian historical cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is a common destination for foreign tourists due to numerous historical places. Every year, many people travel to this city to visit the attractions and sights of the ancient times. Some of these spectacular spots are; The Sialk ziggurat which is the worlds’ oldest ziggurat and still stands today in the suburbs of Kashan after 7000 years. Fin Garden which is one of the most beautiful historical gardens of the middle-east and the world. The Kashan Bazaar, Boroujerdi-ha Residence, Tabatabaie Residence, Ameri-Ha (Amerian) House, Abbasian House, Puppets and Toys Museum of Iran, Char Taqi Ziggurat, Agha Bozorg Mosque and …

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