One of the widest provinces in Iran located in the southeastern part of the country is Kerman province, which is also the ninth most populous province. It Includes 23 counties and is the main pistachio producer in Iran. Kerman province is one of the industrial provinces of Iran and has many mines.
Kerman province has a great history and has a lot of historical landmarks. 650 of which have been registered on the National Iranian Book List, and 6 of these attractions have also been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
In addition to natural, industrial and historical features, Kerman province is one of the top provinces in the country. It has many souvenirs along with many tourist attractions. Like food products; such as kolmpeh, agricultural products; such as pistachio and dates, and handicrafts; such as carpets.
Kerman province is home to one of the strangest climates in the world. In this province you can visit the hottest spot in the world and with a bit of distance you can go to a ski resort. Certainly, Kerman cannot be seen on a one or two-day trip, but with several trips to this region, maybe it would be possible to fully know about it. Some of this outrageous tourist spots are The Lut Desert, The Ganjali Khan Complex, The Ganjali Khan Bath, The Rocky Village of Meymand, Gonbad-e-Jebelieh, Arg-e-Bam, Rayen Castle, Jameh Mosque of Fahraj, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Twin icebox Sirjan, Shazdeh Garden, Zoroastrian Museum, Fathabad Garden, Bagh-e Sangi, Chopoghi Wind-catcher, and so many others that are worth visiting.

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