Kermanshah also known as Bakhtaran. It is located 525 kilometers (326 miles) from Tehran in the western part of Iran. Kermanshah is the most populous and largest Kurdish city. It is considered as the political and administrative center in Iran.

In ancient Iranian mythology, construction of the city is attributed to Tahmuras, the third king of Pishdadian dynasty. It is believed that the Sassanids have constructed Kermanshah and Bahram IV (he was called Kermanshah, meaning king of Kerman) gave his name to this city. It was a glorious city during the Sassanid period when it became the capital city of Persian Empire and a significant health center serving as the summer resort for Sassanid kings.

The people of Kermanshah are warm and friendly. The languages spoken by the people are Kurdish and Farsi. The beautiful nature, people’s dialects and their spiritual and religious characters make the province substantially unique in the region. Kermanshah has a rich history of culture and civilization, possessing monuments illustrating its people’s values for life and humanity throughout historic and prehistoric periods.

Kermanshah has a climate which is heavily influenced by the proximity of the Zagros Mountains. It is classified as a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Kermanshah experiences rather cold winters and there are usually rainfalls in fall and spring. Snow cover is seen for at least a couple of weeks in winter.

Kermanshah is a center of Iranian and Kurdish traditional music. It’s been the homeland of prominent figures in literature, art, history, science, and politics. They have the most delicious dande kebab (ribs), and is known throughout the country for their khoresh khelal.

Kermanshah province has numerous historical and natural attractions for promoting tourism. It is home to outstanding sites such as Taq-e Bostan’s rock reliefs and Bistoun’s inscription which is the largest petrograph worldwide. The province also boasts of monuments such as Anahita Temple, Tekieh Moaven-ol-Molk and Es’haqvand Rock Tomb.

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