Kish Island with an area of 90 square kilometers. It is one of the most beautiful Persian Gulf islands and is one of the landmarks of Hormozgan province in southern Iran. In 1970 (considering the geographic and strategic location), Kish Island was visited by Iranian and American expert groups and was considered as an international tourist-business center. After years of hard work, in 1992, with the establishment of the Kish Free Zone Organization, the island began to recover and its’ rapid development period began.

Kish is the perfect place for sea, land, sunrise and sunset lovers. Kish has a beautiful and unique nature for those searching for the remains of the ancient history of our country. Relaxed beaches with fine-water coral sand, with its negligible transparency, makes it possible to view aquatic species at a depth of several meters.

The beautiful vegetation and greenery of the island, especially in 7 months of the year, has provided a beautiful view. This annually attracts about one million lovers of nature and sea to itself. Kish Island has a warm and humid climate. In most cases the average temperature is 27 degrees centigrade and sometimes it exceeds 32 degrees centigrade.

Every year, more than one million tourists visits the island, about 150,000 of which are foreign tourists and/or immigrants. Through the sale of original goods, the Kish markets, are a special attraction for travelers who travel mostly to the island for the purpose of tourism. Today, Kish Island has about 11 international and commercial markets.

Due to the nature of its tourism, Kish Island has been considered as a tourism pole in recent years. In addition to the historical monuments that are of interest to tourists, beach and recreation parks, such as the Ocean Water Park, the Art Park, the Coral Coast, the Coral Reefs, The Zoo, The Aquarium, the Kish Birds Garden, the Caribbean Underground Dolphinarium, the Hoor Cottage, the Ships Recreation as well as the Greek Sailboat are among the other sights of Kish.

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