Qeshm Island, which is a part of Hormozgan province with an area of 1,491 square kilometers, is considered to be the largest island of the Persian Gulf with lots of important commercial ports. Due to its length, the island was known among the Arabs as the “Al-Towila Island” and among the Persians as the “Long Island”. What makes this island very valuable in world trade is its’ free trade port.

The proximity of the island to the Strait of Hormuz is a strategic position for the region. The island’s economy flourished in Buyid dynasty in which the merchant ships were flown between Qeshm and China, India and Africa. Qeshm is fringed with biologically diverse mangrove forests, attractive beaches and 60 villages. Qeshm dates back to Sassanid era and their language is Persian with a Bandari dialect.

This island is warm and humid. The highest Qeshm temperature is 46 degrees and the lowest is 16 degrees Celsius. The amount of moisture in the heat is very high.

From each point of view, Qeshm is an attractive destination. The beach, the forests, the caves, and the wonderful shopping centers, brings joy and  welcomes tourists. What does not end in Qeshm is the charm of nature. Most of Qeshm’s sights are far from the city center, but without any doubt it’s worth the time and the expense. Strait of Chahkuh, Namakdan Salt Cave, Hara forests, Naz islands, Lenj Shipyard, Valley of the Stars, Hengam Island, and  Khorbas Cave are very spectacular and if you’re a sports person, do not forget paragliding, cycling and scuba diving.

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