The land of Yazd contains some of the glorious cultural heritage and ancient civilization of Iran’s various historical periods. It is the capital of Province and is located midway between Isfahan and Kerman. Yazd is one of the most well-known desert cities of Iran and is located between two main deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e-Lut.

Yazd has a history of over 5,000 years, dating back to the time of the Median Empire, when it was known as “Ysatis” (or “Issatis”). The present city name, however, is derived from Yazdegerd I, a Sassanid ruler of Persia. Many Iranians and non-Iranians like to visit Yazd to see the vernacular architecture found in desert areas. Most of the buildings in the old texture of the city are made of clay. Because of the existence of many windbreaks used for air conditioning, the city of Yazd has been renamed to the “city of wind turbines”. It is also famous as the “City of Bicycles” and the “City of Sweets”. The city of Yazd is the second “clay” and “historic” city in the world. 

Yazd province is climatically located in the dry area, with hot and dry summers and cold and dry winters and the residents are of Iranian origin and Aryan race. The people of Yazd are mostly Shiite Muslims while Jewish, Zoroastrian and Christian minorities coexist peacefully in the province. Yazd is also very well known for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Ab anbars, Qantas (underground water supply system), yakhchals, Persian handicrafts; Termeh (Iranian handwoven cloth), silk weaving, and its’ confectionery has a long history too. In Yazd, traditional pastries such as Baqlava, Qotab, Cotton Candy, Bread and …  has lots of fans.

A trip to Yazd will make you familiar with life in desert towns and how people cope with it. You learn about underground water supplement system (Kariz or qanat) for which Iranians are well-known.  The water reservoirs, ice houses, wind-towers and pigeon towers make it worthwhile to have a visit to Yazd and explore the uniqueness of this ancient city. On a visit to Yazd there are many spectacular places waiting for you such as the Dolatabad Garden, Yazd Jame mosque, Amir Chakhmaq, Atash Behram, Water Museum, Alexanders Prison, Tower of Silence, Historic city of Yazd, and the Abarkouh Jame Mosque.

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