Gol Ghaltan

One of the traditional rituals of Semnan, which is a hundred years old, is the National and Religious Gol Ghaltan Festival (literally meaning rolling in flowers), which is held annually in May in Damghan City. Gol Ghalltan has been registered as the first ritual of Semnan province.

At this festival, women in the family roll their newborn babies in flowers, believing that it keeps them fresh and healthy. In early morning, women bath the baby, then put him/her on a white bed sheet full of flower pedals and roll the baby while waving the sheet to and fro. Four female members of the family hold four corners of the sheet and recite religious songs marking the dignity of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Every year tourists and visitors from many parts of the country travel to Damghan City to visit this festival and let their babies participate.

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