All  foreign nationals, upon arrival , must have insurance .Dear traveler, To register your visa application please login below.



The insurance services offered to the respectable passengers are as follows : 

1 paying for hospitalization & medical treatment . 10.000€ 
2  Transferring the insurance person to the nearest health center due to an accident or illness , making the necessary coordination needed to transfer the insured to a well-equipped health center ,using an air ambulance or returning the insured to      5.500 € 
3  Paying for emergency dentistry .   200  € 
4  Returning the     insured corpse to the country of origin ,if he/she died abroad.  
5  Returning of one of the immediate family members to the country of residence ,if the insured is hospitalized for more than 10 days.    
6  legal advice & paying for insured s claims costs ,if they are prosecuted in accordance with the civil law of the respective country .   250 € 
7  Guidance & assistance to the insured in the event of     or missing travel document.  200 € 
8  Paying for the return of insured s children under the age of 15 along with a guardian to the country of origin.  
9  Paying for an unexpected return of insured due to acute medical problems or the death of relatives ,if he fails to use original ticket to return,   
10  Paying the cost of compensating for the loss of property or the loss of a passenger s luggage.  150

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