Music Museum of Isfahan

In a beautiful lush street in the old Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan, away from all other famous and well-known attraction, exists the new music museum.

This small museum, is more than just a show room of musical instruments, it is in fact “the love letter to the rich musical heritage of Iran”. It was organized in the year 2015 by indigenous Isfahani musicians; Mehrdad Jihouni and Shahriar Shokrani. This museum represents more than 300 samples of instruments from all over Iran, and what’s amazing is that the appearance of many of them has not changed with what we see in paintings and old miniatures in the historical sites of Isfahan.

All the beautiful old instruments are gathered and exposed in the luminous boxes placed on the white walls of the museum. Explanations in Persian and English are provided for each box and instrument and the exciting thing is that visitors can hold and play some of these musical instruments that are less valuable than others.

This museum has won two awards in the short time it has been opened. It was recently awarded as the best private museum in Iran by the International Museum Council (ICOM).

This museum is the first private music museum in Iran, with two halls called National Hall of Fame and Local Hall of Fame, which includes a very diverse collection of Iranian instruments. Visitors can enjoy the live music being played in a part of this museum.

The visit to the Music Museum of Isfahan to a group of tourists ends with a small heartfelt performance of traditional music and Persian poetry by Iranian professors.

While only a few years passed since the opening of the Isfahan Music Museum, the views and opinions in regard of the satisfaction and amazement of the foreign tourists are incredible and has turned this museum into one of the main attractions of Isfahan.

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