Rosewater Festival in Kashan

Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rosewater is being held in Kashan. Many people from different parts of the country and abroad visit Kashan, the hub of Mohammadi Rose in Iran.

In early May, the scent of rose spreads all over Kashan, such as Qamsar, Barzak and Niasar. The season for picking rose and preparing rosewater is from early May to mid-June. Every year, so many tourists from different parts of the world visit Kashan for this traditional ceremony.

Rosewater is made from the sweet-smelling Mohammadi Rose (Damask Rose). It is used in various dishes and sweets. It is also used as a perfume by Muslims. Although modern factories have been constructed, a large part of rosewater production is carried out traditionally in gardens and homes.

The people of Qamsar collect roses, boil them in special pots and collect their vapors in beautiful containers. It is a matter of pride for the city that each year, the most sacred place on earth, Ka’ba in Mecca, is washed with rosewater supplied by Qamsar.

Qamsar becomes colorful with the arrival of spring. Its beauty is doubled when rosewater ceremony commences and its hospitable people play host to millions of people who love Nature, traditions and Qamsar’s rosewater.

Mohammadi Rose (Rosa damascene or Damask rose) is among the most important roses in the world and among the most famous plants.
Because of its extraordinary fragrance and diversity, this flower is planted in many parts of the world. The flower has applications in food, medicine and perfume industries.

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