Photo exhibition “world leaders and Iranian Cultural Heritage”

There are various and exquisite albums in the Sa’d-Abad Museum of Royal Albums and Documents. Some of which show the magnificence and glory of Iran’s cultural heritage. In some of these albums, a collection of photos from a number of Iranian world leaders has been gathered.

For the occasion of the Cultural Heritage Week and the World’s Museum Day, several of these images are exhibited in one of the museum’s venues.

Considering the importance of the historical collection of Persepolis and its drilling during the first Pahlavi period, as well as the visit of most important political figures of the world from this historic site, a collection of pictures of the first Pahlavi hits is also featured in this collection.

This historic collection is open to visitors from May 19 until the end of June 2018 at the Museum of Royal Albums and Documents located in the Sa’d-Abad  Complex.